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E-Cube Marketing


Many companies will list your property, but how many will market your property? Their idea of marketing is to place a sign on the site and cross their fingers, hoping that a potential buyer drives by. If that is all they are going to do, you might as well try to sell the property yourself!

The only way to maximize the value of your property is by exposing it to the broadest market possible, and when it comes to getting the word out, Grisanti Group Commercial Real Estate goes above and beyond. We have developed a proprietary marketing method that produces results. We call it E-Cube Marketing. The three Es stand for EXPLORE, EVALUATE, and EXPLODE.



“To search or examine for the purpose of discovery”

Before we put your property on the market, we will gain an in depth understanding of the site and the surrounding area. We should know the property as well as, or better than, the seller. Excellent research skills, extensive market knowledge, and an expansive contact list are what set us apart from other commercial real estate companies.


“To determine or set the value or amount of; appraise”

We will take into account every aspect of your property, and develop a plan to highlight strengths and mitigate weaknesses. We will provide you with an honest assessment of how much the property is worth, as well as its probable time on the market. We vow to keep you informed and engaged throughout the entire process.


“To cause to be unleashed or burst forth with a sudden release of energy”

We will broadcast your property to THOUSANDS OF POTENTIAL BUYERS. We do this by creating attractive brochures and innovative videos, posting the listing on the most prominent real estate search engines, cooperating with other agents in the Louisville Metro area, reaching out to our vast contact list, and more!

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