Since Grisanti Group’s inception, brokering land deals has been one of our specialties. Agent Patti Evans demonstrated this by closing out 2017 with the sale of a 90-acre farm in Henry County. This was one our largest ever deals by total area. The property consists of a beautiful home, top-quality stable, utility shed, and stocked pond.

Despite the ample amenities on this property, large farms or tracts of land usually move slowly due to the limited number of potential buyers. Patti’s diligent efforts to identify a buyer and progress from contract to the closing table led to a sale of this property in 9 months from listing. A remarkably speedy process for a large land listing.

If you own a large piece of land and are looking to cash in on the value, now is a great time to test the market. The economy is strong, developers are building, and investors are looking for outlets for their cash other than the volatile stock market.

The farm that Patti sold did not go through a rezoning process. However, large land sales with which we’re involved often do require rezoning for commercial or higher density residential development. This process may seem daunting to the uninitiated. Grisanti Group has relationships with Louisville’s best zoning attorneys and land planning engineers to help buyers and sellers smoothly move through the rezoning and permitting process. With our advisory services and connections, we can help guide clients through the slow, but ultimately rewarding process of rezoning and development of raw land.

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