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Commercial Real Estate in Louisville, KY

Local Presence, National Connection

We shall gain the TRUST of our clients,

We shall exercise INTEGRITY at all times,

We shall use our KNOWLEDGE of the market to the advantage of our clients,

We shall practice DILIGENCE in our dealings,

These unwavering standards will lead to SUCCESS for our clients.


If you are looking for commercial real estate services in Louisville, Kentucky or the surrounding areas, Grisanti Group Commercial Real Estate is poised to meet your needs. We believe in maximizing the exposure of our clients’ commercial real estate property to the broadest possible market. Our agents are experienced, qualified, and persistent. Using a combination of modern technology and tried-and-true networking strategies, we will work tirelessly to facilitate your next commercial real estate venture. We are well-connected in Kentucky, Indiana, and beyond. Please call us today to begin the partnership.



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