Speedy Closing in Bluegrass Commerce Park

On January 1, 2013, Grisanti Group Commercial Real Estate listed an industrial property in J-Town’s Bluegrass Commerce Park. Just over two months later, that property has sold! Grisanti Group’s Steve Lennon represented both the buyer and seller in this lightning-fast sale.

The 22,080 S/F, two-story commercial warehouse is located at 10121 Bunsen Way. The buyer is System Solutions of Kentucky, which specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing material handling systems.  The purchase price was $575,000.

SSK is pleased to keep their business in Louisville, and Grisanti Group is thrilled to facilitate their move. As always, we wish to thank all of our clients for choosing to work with us.


Grisanti Group helps bring casual Italian to Jeffersontown

Anyone up for pizza tonight? Deep dish from Chicago? Nah. Thin crust from New York? No thanks. How about something new, something different? How about…

Detroit. Style. Pizza.


Grisanti Group Commercial Real Estate is pleased to announce that Loui Loui’s Authentic Detroit Style Pizza will be moving in to the former Ferd Grisanti Restaurant, located in the heart of Jeffersontown, at 10212 Taylorsville Rd. Broker Paul Grisanti has a unique relationship to the property:  A former restaurateur, he owned and managed Ferd Grisanti Restaurant for over 30 years. He and Loui Loui’s founder, Mike Spurlock, are confident that the casual eatery will thrive in Jeffersontown. It is scheduled to open its doors in April 2013.

Spurlock, a graduate of Bellarmine University, has spent a decade studying the craft of pizza-making, and is thrilled to bring a taste of Motor City to the Bluegrass. Loui Loui’s will also offer signature dishes like arancini, antipasto salad, pastas, and Italian-inspired desserts, as well as craft beer, wines, and cocktails. Plus, Spurlock and Grisanti will team up to revive some of Ferd’s favorite menu items.

As always, the Grisanti Group is delighted to play a pivotal role in bringing world-class restaurants to Kentuckiana. We thank Spurlock and the rest of our clients who have chosen to work with us. Here’s to many more years of solidifying Louisville’s growing reputation as a foodie destination.


Grisanti Group facilitates blockbuster Brownsboro deal

Grisanti Group Commercial Real Estate was bustling for the second half of 2012, as we facilitated the sale of 3620 Brownsboro Road. Many Louisvillians had known the space as Doll’s Market, which closed its doors in 2011. In its place arrives Sutherlands hardware store, which will revitalize a shopping center near the Crescent Hill neighborhood.

Representing both the seller of the property,  Charles F. Bauer Reality Partnership, LLC, and the new owner, Sutherland Lumber-Southwest Inc., Grisanti Group brokers Paul Grisanti and Steve Lennon helped close the $2.54 million sale in late 2012. With the Bauer Reality Partnership originally intending to lease the property, Grisanti and Lennon showed the property to multiple potential users. Ultimately, a sale to Sutherlands worked best for both parties.

Kansas City-based Sutherlands will move into the 23,000 square foot retail facility, bringing a convenient and expansive home-and-hardware mercantile store to a neighborhood where no such large-scale home improvement store yet exists.

The closing of the Doll’s Market/Sutherlands property highlighted a great 2012 for Grisanti Group Commercial Real Estate. We thank all of our clients who chose to work with us. In 2013 we look forward to continuing to provide the best real estate service in Kentucky and southern Indiana.


Closing at Prominent Westport Rd. Location

Grisanti Group Commercial Real Estate is happy to announce the $1.4 million closing sale of the property at 4630 Westport Road.  The Holzheimer Family owned this great piece of Louisville real estate at the corner of Westport Rd and Washburn Ave in St. Matthews for over 70 years. As the new Watterson Expressway interchange at Westport Rd transformed this area into a commercially connected corridor, the family sought to transfer the land to a more suitable user.

Park Community Federal Credit Union is the new steward of this  parcel of land, and it will construct not only a branch office, but their corporate offices as well. We wish them the best of luck.

We are also excited to see this part of Louisville benefit from the new infrastructure investments made by the Metro Government. As always, Grisanti Group is proud to help facilitate economic growth in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.


Diversify with Commercial

The stock market may be fluctuating daily, but research shows that in the long run real estate is stable choice to add to your portfolio.

Data from National Real Estate Investor shows that real estate investment trusts are not very highly correlated to other asset classes. Thus, the wild swings in the stock market are not realized in such dramatic fashion in private real estate holdings.  According to the article Is Real Estate a Good Diversifier?, there was been a 173% recovery in national Real Estate Investment Trusts from February 2009 to May 2011, signifying potential for even greater recovery in the market.

Private real estate has shown relatively low volatility, and has achieved among the highest risk-adjusted returns among the major asset classes over the past three decades (1978-2010). That means that for each unit of risk, it is estimated that private real estate has provided higher returns than stocks and public real estate, and has matched the bond index.

Real estate values are highly specific to each investor’s account, varying a great deal depending on the characteristics of each asset. Grisanti Group’s broad listing portfolio and connections throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana allow us to assist our clients in customizing their holdings. Our extensive resources, such as access to demographics, traffic counts, and sales comparisons, will provide you with all of the information to select properties that are recession proof. We have the expertise to make sense out of your dollars and dollars out of your cents.


Real Estate Optimism

Without a doubt, everyone is sick of the word uncertainty, but like it or not, it is the reality of the times. The boom years in our business meant that real estate investors often had only the next sale price in mind when they bought a property. Real estate prices will always rise was the thinking.

Of course that old adage proved to be false in the housing market, but it doesn’t mean investors should be scared of commercial investments.  Commercial properties with real cash flow or monthly income should prove to be a sound place to invest, and in the long run, return on investment should prove

Says Joel Ross of, “projecting huge value jumps over 4 or 5 years is hard to do since there is so much we cannot predict, so current cash flow is probably what is most reasonable to be looking to. Solid office assets (and) multifamily in many markets are all assets worth acquiring.”

Or take a look at a Yahoo! Finance article from this summer called “5 New Rules of Real Estate”

4. Investing? Focus on Income

Somewhere along the way, ordinary civilians got the idea that there were massive profits to be made in real estate, if only they could flip the properties fast enough. The problem with that strategy became apparent when the real estate market crashed, and investors (who were leveraged to the hilt) couldn’t get out of their properties in time. When you’re paying thousands of dollars for a mortgage but don’t have any income — nor hopes of a sale — it’s a fast track to bankruptcy.

But now is an amazing time to buy investment property. Purchase a foreclosure or two (or up to 10, if you can find the financing), and focus on how much income you can get each month. If you buy a foreclosure in the Atlanta area for $75,000 and can get $800 to $1,000 per month in rent, that’s a terrific return on investment.

Grisanti Group of course focuses on commercial real estate, not foreclosed homes. But we can help you find office assets, self-storage, and turn-key business opportunities which can bring you real cash flow every month. Check out our featured properties, or contact us to learn more about our vast and varied listings.


Sailing for a Cure

Whether you are a sailing enthusiast or just enjoy spending time on Louisville’s beautiful waterfront, The Fleur de Lis Regatta, presented by Sailing for a Cure Foundation, is a worthy cause and a great reason to get out and enjoy the end of summer on the Ohio River.  Grisanti Group is a proud sponsor of this sailing weekend which supports The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Our own broker Steve Lennon, a long time sailing enthusiast, will be captaining the Irish Moth. On the weekend of September 16th-18th, Steve’s crew and 32 others will compete for racing glory. The real point, of course, to raise money for research and to help the families of those struggling with these blood diseases.

It will be a fantastic family event on the Great Lawn at Louisville Waterfront Park and the Harbor Lawn marina, and we would love to see friends of Grisanti Group there.

If you’d like to donate, support the Irish Moth, so we can top both the sailing and the money raising!


Qdoba coming to Clarksville, IN

Denver-based Qdoba Mexican Grill has become a Kentucky and Southern Indiana favorite thanks to its fresh ingredients, clean and friendly restaurants, and affordable menu. As a company always seeking growth in developing areas, it is also one of our favorite clients.

Grisanti Group has placed Qdoba’s newest location in a bustling retail center off of Veterans Parkway in Clarksville, Indiana. The store will fit nicely among other casual dining options MacAlister’s Deli and Papa Murphy’s Pizza.

The surrounding area includes retail anchors such as Wal Mart, Sam’s Club, Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Lowe’s. The workforce lunch crowd and hungry shoppers alike will surely rejoice at the thought of burritos, queso, and fresh salads coming their way.

If you are interested in putting your business where it can succeed, follow Qdoba’s lead and let Grisanti Group select the perfect site for your needs.