Grisanti Group Commercial Real Estate is happy to announce the $1.4 million closing sale of the property at 4630 Westport Road.  The Holzheimer Family owned this great piece of Louisville real estate at the corner of Westport Rd and Washburn Ave in St. Matthews for over 70 years. As the new Watterson Expressway interchange at Westport Rd transformed this area into a commercially connected corridor, the family sought to transfer the land to a more suitable user.

Park Community Federal Credit Union is the new steward of this  parcel of land, and it will construct not only a branch office, but their corporate offices as well. We wish them the best of luck.

We are also excited to see this part of Louisville benefit from the new infrastructure investments made by the Metro Government. As always, Grisanti Group is proud to help facilitate economic growth in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.