Anyone up for pizza tonight? Deep dish from Chicago? Nah. Thin crust from New York? No thanks. How about something new, something different? How about…

Detroit. Style. Pizza.


Grisanti Group Commercial Real Estate is pleased to announce that Loui Loui’s Authentic Detroit Style Pizza will be moving in to the former Ferd Grisanti Restaurant, located in the heart of Jeffersontown, at 10212 Taylorsville Rd. Broker Paul Grisanti has a unique relationship to the property:  A former restaurateur, he owned and managed Ferd Grisanti Restaurant for over 30 years. He and Loui Loui’s founder, Mike Spurlock, are confident that the casual eatery will thrive in Jeffersontown. It is scheduled to open its doors in April 2013.

Spurlock, a graduate of Bellarmine University, has spent a decade studying the craft of pizza-making, and is thrilled to bring a taste of Motor City to the Bluegrass. Loui Loui’s will also offer signature dishes like arancini, antipasto salad, pastas, and Italian-inspired desserts, as well as craft beer, wines, and cocktails. Plus, Spurlock and Grisanti will team up to revive some of Ferd’s favorite menu items.

As always, the Grisanti Group is delighted to play a pivotal role in bringing world-class restaurants to Kentuckiana. We thank Spurlock and the rest of our clients who have chosen to work with us. Here’s to many more years of solidifying Louisville’s growing reputation as a foodie destination.